We guide sales professionals down an uncommon path to success.


Here’s the problem

Average. Everything.

Too many sales tourists have infiltrated your team…can they be forged into true sales professionals?

Quarterly sales goals are sometimes met, but never crushed.

Revenue is consistent. Painfully consistent.

Turnover is too low…not enough high performers are “graduating” from your team and too many team members are comfortably on autopilot.

Unfortunately mediocrity is the norm; sales mastery is Uncommon…and so are we.

Empowering High-Performance Sellers, Sales Leaders, and Companies with Growth Tools.

Customized Sales and Email Screenplays

Sales Methodology Education

Hiring and On-Boarding

Rep & Sales Leadership Coaching

Sales & Marketing Tech Stack

Compensation, Contest, and Culture Plans

No hard closes. Zero pressure. Strictly wisdom.

Pioneering the CaaS Industry

Enhancing and innovating the final touchpoint before revenue – Closing-as-a-Service

Selling a big idea to a skeptical customer, investor, or partner is one of the hardest jobs in business, so when it’s time to really Go Big, you need to use an Uncommon methodology to gain attention, frame your thoughts, and employ a sequencing that is familiar to convince others that your ideas will truly change their world.

Through Uncommon Pro’s modern and innovative sales toolset, we offer a guiding hand to ambitious Sales Leaders and their determined teams in their quest to reach market dominance.

And we not only teach these principles, but we also utilize them ourselves in a “Closing as a Service” (CaaS) offering.

Corey Frank is – at heart – an idea guy, as well as a sales guy,
who can take a good punch…


He loves launching relevant technology, shepherding culture-rich and sales-driven organizations and cultivating teams to spark serious revenue. It’s been rumored that he’s addicted to Diet Mountain Dew, whiteboards, and..

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Corey was brought in for a consulting engagement to focus on optimizing our inside sales organization. He did an outstanding job in accessing the situation, making recommendations, and reorganizing the group for effectiveness and efficiency resulting in more revenue. He is truly one of the few professionals who understands how to scale an inside sales organization and the metrics that are required to effectuate results. I would highly recommend Corey for any company looking to improve in the area.

Jerry NineCo-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Skillsoft

Corey's leadership of the sales team was instrumental in growing a company from a great technology and service, to a company that boasted a strong client roster of Internet Retailer Top 500 partners. Not only did Corey help us build a strong sales team, but he and his team handled the outline of the sales process flawlessly, managing the expectations of our potential clients and clearly conveying the unique value proposition, software and services.

Zack AbbellVice President, TULA Skincare

Corey Frank provided me valuable advice and counsel at a time of economic uncertainty. Corey helped me understand that uncertainty in the marketplace is an opportunity for a company to bring value, achieve top and bottom line sales results, and build lasting client relationships. I look forward to working with Corey again as he can be central to the success of any sales organization.

Mark PribishVice President & ID Theft Practice Leader Merchant Information Solutions

What can be said about Corey that hasn't already been said! He is a unique and refreshing individual in a sea of typical and predictive people. I appreciate Corey's positive attitude towards everything he and I have accomplished. His confident and trusting demeanor is exhibited in every avenue of Corey's life to everyone in his life. He's a true and polished professional, a person blessed with positive energy and not only exudes competency, but delivers on every promise.

Mark WalickSenior Manager, Google

Corey is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His positive approach to our sales and business engagement, industry knowledge within the domains he works in, and persistent drive for excellence is what has consistently lead organizations to achieve exponential success and use him again and again. He is a natural leader and an ethical mentor from whom I have learned and developed a great deal during my time working with him. Corey’s high ethical standards and integrity translates into trustworthy sales consulting engagements because he consistently considers the best interests of the client as well as his own organization.

Natalie ReineltDirector of Solution Strategy, Experian

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