Corey Frank is – at heart – an idea guy, as well as a sales guy, who can take a good punch…repeatedly. He loves
launching relevant technology, shepherding culture-rich and sales-driven organizations and cultivating teams to spark
serious revenue. It’s been rumored that he’s addicted to Diet Mountain Dew, whiteboards, and a cool story. He also
suffers from incurable sales ADD and is known to break out in hives upon any launch of a dry PowerPoint or
uncreative and meek sales pitch.

He’s gained some street cred as an amped-up sales leader and innovative entrepreneur in roles at various technology
companies. Corey brings over 20 of years of battle-tested experience serving as either an early stage or founding
member of sales leadership teams which have played a big part of shaping several different technology markets
across the Edtech and InfoSec spaces.

From his early days helping create Mastering Computers as Director of Sales – Microsoft’s first ever training partner –
(NASDAQ:MAST, acquired by Computer Associates) to then as cofounder and VP of Sales at KnowledgeNet – Cisco’s
largest training partner worldwide – (acquired by Thompson Reuters NYSE:TRI), he has enjoyed being in on the
ground floor, establishing the foundation, securing funding, then rocketing the sales of innovative technology
companies. Following a successful exit of KnowledgeNet, Corey also helped co-found both The 41st Parameter – a
leading fraud detection and infotech software company (funded by both Kleiner Perkins and Norwest Venture
Partners and acquired by Experian OTCMKTS: EXPGY) and also StormWind Studios – one of the leading EdTech SaaS
providers in the space (funded by GSV Capital and AZ Crown).

From founding and helping early stage technology companies from the kitchen table phase to bringing them all the
way to IPO or strategic acquisitions totaling over $625MM, he’s also helped pitch and raise nearly $130MM in venture
and Reg A capital.

During his various tenures as head of sales across his companies – either as a co-founder, an investor, or as an
advisor, Corey has hired and led sales and support organizations from New Brunswick to London, from Paris to
Germany, and his home base in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has led the sales charge with total headcounts of the teams
as large as 350 inside sales reps, 75+ field reps, and 30 support and client amazement reps throughout North
America, Europe, and Japan.

He’s a graduate of Marquette University, a very blessed husband and father of eight, and a rabid (and long suffering)
Green Bay Packers fan.