In sales, I often get sucked in to short but torrid love affairs with “chance.”

The kind of wins that happen seemingly out of nowhere.

Admittingly these chance wins go to my head…

My ego is temporarily fed.

And my assumptions are “proven”

But then I look at my dial stats, my cookbook…all my activities and realize that my recent overly hyped “win” wasn’t a courtship process at all; it was just a lucky, fluky occurrence. A fleeting encounter with a simple spark of random chance.

I get infatuated with these accidental events when I should be married to data.

Are the wins you celebrate really rooted in predictable data?

Or do you assume that chance with no statistical validity is the new normal? That you can just out-hustle everyone to find another cheap fling for the sales board?

And ring the gong when you know you have no idea how the win really came about.

Did you push the button on your dialer? Did you do the pitches? Did you convert those into meetings?

Did you eat the false positives? Did you do that with grace and fidelity to your list and to your system?

If so, then keep tracking these nutrition-rich activities and give random chance their walking papers.

True bliss and security live happily ever after with your data.

Random chance seems to have operated in our favor.